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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michael Moore criticizes President Obama

Michael Moore's not too happy with President Obama -- he feels like Obama is betraying the left wing of the party, calls for Obama to be strong and get universal health care passed, i.e. a single payer, government run health care program just like Medicaid, Medicare, and other socialist programs in the United States.

Moore has a good point. Some commentators, like O'Reilly, say Obama ran on a centrist platform. He only seemed centrist because he was running against other left-wingers -- Clinton and Edwards. But Obama was the furthest left of the three. Beck has it right -- Obama said exactly what he was going to do in the campaign.

Well, almost. He backed off his pre-campaign push for a single-payer health care plan, and I suppose Moore and other lefties thought he did that only to get elected, and once in the White House, he'd go back to his single payer stance.

Why hasn't he? Because he knows it won't pass? Moore has a good point that if believe in something, stand up for it, and don't compromise. Moore thinks that Obama, as President, has the moral obligation to push what he believes, and what his big supporters thought he believed -- that's why they supported him.

I agree. A President should be true to himself. Obama revealed enough of himself during the campaign and in his pre-campaign speeches and writings that no one should be surprised that he is a marxist socialist. And I think the far left is right to be angry with Obama -- they truly thought he was going to fight for what "they" wanted, because as Moore so aptly put it, Obama is one of them.

Of course it's also very interesting that Moore is so successful in a capitalist system putting out an anti-capitalist movie. Oh, such irony!

I couldn't find a youtube on his recent criticisms of Obama, but I did find this one commenting on Obama's move to the center (which is still quite a ways to the left in my opinion).

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